Winter Term

I’ve started my winter term taking two literature courses and retaking a fiction writing class. I will likely workshop the Dollmaster prologue at the end of the term, but the course has a requirement for two stories, which can’t be from the same novel if that is the source for one. Anyway, the deadline for the first story came up fast, so last weekend I had to hammer it out. I ended up writing a bit of Aroal’s past. Soon, after I do a little editing, I will likely post up a polished version of my short exercise and Aroal’s story.

I’m doing a lot of reading this term. I took a Fantasy Fiction course (I mean, I kind of HAD to, afterall), and we’re reading Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea series. We’re on the third book now. I also need to read The Last of the Mohicans for my American Fiction course. Busy busy busy.

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