The Move – Progress Report

My move is almost completed! I spent most of last week unpacking and organizing. My partner and I also bought a new car sooner than expected. I had been expecting to borrow my mom’s new car (which I had been driving to school) while she kept the old one until my partner was ready to buy one in December. Between moving in, car shopping, and school starting for my son, this has been one crazy week! My partner also hadn’t fully “moved in” to his own house, so unpacking and organizing was also a lot of breaking down his boxes of stuff. The stack of boxes I just took to recycling was probably enough for a small forest.

Anyway, I’m still settling in. The office is the last room that will really need organizing. Most of my notes are still packed, my main computer isn’t set up (and he is getting ready to build me a new one to replace my old laptop), and I also still need a new office chair, since my old one broke and was abandoned at my mom’s house. I still have my surface and phone, but I’m not quite ready to get back to work! My brain is tingling with the need to write though… just not enough hours in the day.