I’m going to be moving shortly, and I’m looking forward to a fresh start in my life! However, writing projects are sidelined for a few weeks as I settle into my new routines. I’m hopeful that a new, clean space and a stable routine will be nurturing to my creativity. My living situation has become a bit chaotic with all the animals my mom and I care for, but I will be taking with me only my son’s two mice and a kitten, so there is less work involved there. The new house is only ten years old, so it has less of the problems that my mom’s 60/70 year old house has–drafty windows, mildew/mold from condensation on the walls in winter, less pests.

I was a little reluctant to leave the space I’ve established for myself, but this move was motivated by my son’s need for a better education. Apparently, his current school rates 3rd to last in the state (which means less funding, which means it only can go downhill). He’s been frustrated and depressed by the bare-bones education he’s been receiving. I couldn’t let this continue for another year, so when the opportunity arose to move into a better school zone arose, I had to take it.

I’m excited for this new chapter in my life!


While this page hasn’t been updated since 2013, I’ve still been hard at work! World building has continued, characters refined, and stories written. After leaving an incredibly stagnant period of my life, I’ve been making up for lost time, establishing myself as a Functioning Adult in the Real World. I attended college, beginning at my local community college to acquire my Associate’s in Art (Transfer) Degree, and continuing at university to complete my Bachelor’s in Creative Writing. I spent years role-playing, creating characters and stories, and now it’s finally time to take this seriously. Breathing life into these concepts is what brings me joy. This is what I want to pursue. I always hoped that one day I would, and now it’s time to accept that one day has arrived.

My focus has primarily been on The Dollmaster storyline as an introductory story to the series. I’m only a few chapters into revising the original role-play, but still hammering away at it. School has kept me busy, but it’s also provided me with the skills to be a better author.

After The Dollmaster, I plan to continue with Cursebreaking and Atissran’s Tower, as well as a three-part series following Sevrina and Gale in the Forsaken Land. Other stories around the same time should also be included (Azala, Zira, and Mia must be included!) I have a loose plan to shake up the world with a new conflict between the two divine factions, with each story playing a role in progressing the overarching story.

I’ll try and make more use out of this website again as I re-organize myself. I could also use some financial support! If you have a little money to spare (even if it’s only a $1 a month) please consider contributing to my Patreon. Not only will a little money help me feel more secure, getting the positive reinforcement will help me make progress. As a reward, patrons will have access to materials that only the Aserran contributors can access otherwise.

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