World of Aserra is a home base for a series of work-in-progress fantasy novels written by J. M. Vincent, inspired by play-by-post role-plays in this world. Some characters, events, and concepts are contributed by other members of the project.

J. M. Vincent

The primary architect of Aserra. She graduated from Portland State University in 2019 with a BFA in Creative Writing, but before that spent her time creating stories with friends through role-playing. She lives in Oregon with her partner, son, and cat.

Rory Blair

The secondary architect of Aserra is Rory. He laid the groundwork for much of the world’s magic and laws, which correspond with his own creative universe. He lives in Canada with his fiance.

Contributing Authors

  • Tom Feilke contributed characters such as Pharen, Gurt, Azala, and Elessa.
  • Chris Wakefield contributed characters and ideas that expand on the possibilities presented by Aserra.
  • Blake McLean contributed the character of Talen and several others.
  • Terry Morgan role-played Terin and contributed Laban & Rayina’s caravan, Rissya, and other characters.
  • Ryan Oconner contributed Avion and other character concept, and helped established a pivotal plotline from the Forsaken Land.
  • Meg Timmerman contributed both characters and art, including the world map based on the original sketches.
  • Rong Chang contributed the character of Rayn Cauhc.
  • Rich Hooper contributed the characters of Breagan and Jereidon.
  • Seto van Boxtel contributed concept art of races and the gods.